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Slab Leak Repair Alparetta

Slab Leak Repair Alparetta

There can be various motives why slab leaks can occur in ones Alpharetta home. If the ground about ones property is mostly clay, it can be sensitive to moisture variances. When water is put into the mixture then, the clay will expand and press upwards, resulting in pressure to foundations from underneath. If left uncontrolled for some time, the worse case situation is the slab and flooring can erupt and water will flood every space on the main floor, destroying ones furniture. There is often problems to the sewer lines also, bringing about an even bigger mess.

A different reason for an Alpharetta Slab Leak Repair is from pipe deterioration. As a result of the use of copper pipes used in the building of many houses, in conjunction with the quality of the water source, can lead to pipe breakdown in time. Pinhole leaks can grow and the concrete slab is merely a temporary barrier. In due course, the leaking water will work its way to the surface.

It is less difficult to look for indicators of a potential leak on a usual schedule, than to ignore the signs and have a serious water cleanup later.Slab Leaks Alpharetta GA

Slab Leak Repair Alpharetta Signs

Floors and/or carpets are wet
Increased water bill expenses
The sound of water running when no plumbing fixtures are being used
Foundation cracks are evident
Grass or foundation plants grow unevenly
A visible shift in the soil around the outside of the home
Warm spots on slab floors
Discolored floor coverings
Decreased water pressure
Odors coming from floors or walls

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Slab Leak Repair Alpharetta GA

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